Who We Are

With over 50 years combined experience Gene and Ken  formed LENAHAN LIGHTING DESIGN to bridge the gaps between lighting, media and scenery, offering solutions to any size project. Creating a single more cohesive vision allows for a smoother work flow and a more cost effective approach.



Gene Lenahan- For over three decades I’ve pursued my passion for lighting. I designed for theatre, opera and dance in the late 70’s, then crossed over to corporate design. The 80’s and 90’s offered me the opportunity to light extravagant multi-media productions, special events and a roster of musical artists. With the advancement in LED technology and the servers that drive them, I find myself crossing over into media / environmental design, acting at times as production designer. Venues have ranged from Carnegie Hall to the Pasadena Playhouse, the Alamo Dome to the BT Tower in London and a 12th century Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Ken Jones-Since joining the Stagehands local  in 1987, I’ve continually enjoyed the process of lighting, and the challenges of it’s ever changing technologies. I worked at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas from 1988 as an electrician, spot operator and left as head electrician in 1991. I later went to the Stardust to put in “Enter the Night’ and stayed on there for 3 years. At the same time I opened a Special EFX company where we manufactured high end atmospheric smoke machines. In 1994 I left Enter the Night and joined the ranks of the freelance world and have never looked back. After functioning as master electrician for many major corporate events and exhibits, I turned my focus more to lighting programming. Realizing the tremensous benefits of using pre-visualization software, I purchased and learned Wysiwyg and have used it on many shows. When media servers hit the lighting world I was quick to leap into programming them as well. Lighting design and rendering have evolved as a natural progression and I’ve been able to incorporate what I have learned over the years into a pretty streamlined process. Besides programming a variety of lighting consoles and media servers, I’m fluent with Wysiwyg, Autocad, Vectorworks and Cinema 4d. I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters that I devote most all my free time to.