What We Do

Cueing lighting and media from one console by one programmer streamlines communication and  maintains conceptional continuity.

Adding  the advantages of pre-visualization, tight load in schedules don’t dictate simplified designs and the shows visual impact need not be compromised by lack of on-site programming time.


With pre-visualization; concept meets reality before load in.

A design can be tested before the equipment’s ordered and programming can begin prior to or during load-in  By virtually viewing the light plot in relationship to; the venue, scenery, audio speakers, and video screens, we can check for possible obstructions, unwanted shadows and restricted sight lines.  By adjusting lamp placement, changing fixture type, or reconfiguring the truss layout at this phase, we can avoid costly and timely on-site surprises.

With 3D Modeling  (virtual walk through) we can conduct feasibility studies and present visual concepts to clients, producers and production managers.

Rehearsals can begin with confidence knowing the cue list will function as intended by the design.